Science as Art
Scientific Illustrations and Design by Olga Reukova
Olga Reukova
I'm a Publication Director and Academic Publicist at Clemson University Bioengineering and also a freelance digital artist.

As a professional designer, illustrator and graphic artist I combine rich professional experience, creativity and modern taste with the highest quality standards to produce elegant and eye-catching images. I work primary with 3DsMax, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

To ensure the scientific appearance of the details and accuracy in my illustrations I create them in partnership with a Professor of Materials Science and Engineering.
Scientific and Medical Illustrations
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Why would you hire a scientific illustrator?
It's very important to have great eye catching illustrations and graphics in your proposals and abstracts, and the scientific illustrator will take care of that for you so you can focus on your research.
Infographic/Scientific Schematics
For example, it can be infographic/chart for the proposal/abstract/poster or your lab website.
Or you may need an illustration for the proposal/abstract/poster or research website.
Cover Illustration
And if your article has been featured for the cover, than you really need a great Cover Illustration!
Scientific Video
You also may need a short scientific video to illustrate your research or represent your work at conferences.
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